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We are a small business owned by women with a healthy sexual appetite.  Our love for sex coupled with our easy going, down to earth personalities have encouraged our friends to divulge their intimate desires.  These interactions sparked a conversation between us which started this amazing adventure.  After talking at length, we decided it was time to put our passion to work for all of us.  Our foundation is built upon body and sex positivity.

We want to help you find your freedom!  Our primary goal is to help you feel comfortable with who you are and your sexual wants and desires. We provide quality products, a broad knowledge base, and a customer service experience that is second to none.  If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask!  We will do our best to assist you.  We can be reached by phone, email or text… yes TEXT!

As long as you are a consenting adult, we will not and do not judge anyone for their gender identity or preference, sexual identity or preference, love of vanilla sex, love of a little kink, and/or love of heavy fetish/role playing.  We don’t care if you are hetero, homo, bi, trans, pan, a-sexual, or any other sexual that there is.  You can be or identify as male, female, lesbian, gay, queer, she-male, tansgender, hir, butch, femme, queen, drag, boi, Sir, Daddy, little, Dom, Domme, Master, Mistress, sub, BBW, chubby chaser, slut, cougar, cub, bear, leather man, nurse, furry, and whatever else we can identify ourselves as.


Our response to your desires?  LET US HELP YOU!!  We want to be the supplier for your needs.  We crave to please you so you won’t go anywhere else.  You can submit questions, concerns, or suggestions a few ways.  Email us at, call or text us at 1-813-609-ATE8 (2838), or send us a message on Tumblr, Twitter, and/or Instragram.

Thank you for visiting and hopefully finding what you need.  From our hearts (or lower) to yours, have a beautiful and sinfully delicious day.

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