Pinwheel E-Stimulation


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Give your sex life a charge with this incredible Electro Pinwheel. Perfect for beginners and those new to e-stimulation, this electro-sex Wartenberg device will send a jolt of pleasure anywhere you place the wheel. Named after the famous neurologist, Dr. Robert Wartenberg, this pinwheel delivers a tingly feeling as the prickly pins roll across the skin. It produces a variety of sensations from a tickle to a bite depending on the amount of pressure you apply. To serve some shock along with your fun, plug the pinwheel into the power unit. Slip the cuff onto the arm that is holding the wheel, then place your free hand anywhere on your lovers body to activate the bipolar connection. You must have the cuff attached to your body while your free hand touches your partner for the e-stim to work.

Measurements: 7.25 inches in length, 1 inch in width

Material: Metal, ABS plastic

Color: Black

Note: Includes pinwheel, cuff, E-stim unit, and conduction wires. E-stim unit requires 2 AAA batteries, included.

Additional information

Weight0.43 lbs
Dimensions7.25 × 1 in


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